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Growing up in Las Vegas and in a family that embraced all types of physical activity, being active was second nature to me.

From T-ball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and yoga, it was all about moving. During college, while taking boxing and muay thai, fitness took root as a passion. There was a realization that how we move our body, what we put into our body to fuel it and how we think lays the foundation for how we move through this world. Are we full of vitality, performing at our best or are we creating our own suffering?

Over the past 15 years I have studied and experimented with different training styles and nutrition plans to gain practical knowledge in addition to my formal studies. As a graduate of the University of Utah and an ISSA certified fitness coach and sports nutritionist, I embrace the importance of fitness for every human body.There are so many programs that promise amazing results, lumping everyone into a magical formula.

Only by listening deeply to each client’s needs and goals can a truly effective customized program be developed. My programs are created with long term healthy lifestyle and nutrition as the end goal. Working together with my clients, we can discover their optimal fitness lifestyle and have FUN doing it! Exercise adverse folks, beginners, gym junkies, all ages and fitness levels are embraced at Hamrick Fitness.


“Find the joy in movement and that will bring joy to all aspects of your life, let’s work together to reach your goals!”

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